An easy to remember breathing technique is 4-7-8.

Proven Results with These 5 Easy Breathing Tips

I think we take breathing for granted sometimes. Sounds funny doesn’t it? How could you take breathing for granted? Well, it’s simple really. Breathing is autonomous. We do it without even realizing; we don’t even have to think about it most times. However, have you ever noticed you were holding your breath and got light-headed? Or maybe it was a high-stress situation and you were holding your breath in anticipation? In our creating a routine post, we suggested incorporating breath awareness into your day. Breathing exercises are great relaxation techniques. These 5 easy breathing tips will ensure mindful breathing and breath focus to help us remain present.

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What are breathing techniques?

Diaphragmatic breathing, pursed lip breathing, rapid breaths and even focus on a normal breath can be forms of breathing techniques which have an extremely beneficial response. Breathing exercises can be hard to remember and follow through. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of these simple breathing tips!

Easy Breathing Techniques

1.) Belly Breathing

An easy to remember breathing technique is belly breathing.

Most of us have probably heard of this breathing exercise, but if you haven’t, chances are you know what it is and do it regularly. It’s also known as abdominal breathing. This is one of many deep breathing exercises. Belly breathing is when you take a deep breath to expand your belly. It helps to have a visual rather than just imagining your body filling with the air. Sometimes placing your hand on your belly helps too.

Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and then exhale completely and empty your stomach as much as you can. This is a simple breathing technique that promotes full oxygen exchange and helps slow down your heartbeat. It engages the stomach muscles, while also stabilizing high blood pressure and the nervous system.

2.) 5 Finger Breathing

A simple breathing technique is five finger breathing.

This breathing technique will help reboot and slow down. It’s also super easy because you use your hand for guidance! Start with pinky. As you inhale through your nose, go up to the tip. Then you go down as you exhale slowly. Move on to the ring finger, repeating an up and down motion with your breathing patterns. By the time you reach your thumb, you’ll feel so relaxed that you’ll forget what stressed you out in the first place! Practice switching from your left nostril to your right with these breathing exercises too, for an increased effect!

3.) Bumble Bee Breathing

Bumble bee breathing is another easy to remember breathing technique.

Also known as lip breathing, this is one of the best breathing exercises to relieve stress, anxiety and even bad cramps! When you practice this breathing method, inhale deeply through your nose and completely exhale through your mouth, but be sure to use pursed lips to create a buzzing sound. The bumble bee breathing pattern stimulates your diaphragm while it relaxes the rest of your muscles. It can also help to get rid of headaches so this is great for those who suffer from migraines. It nurtures peace and cerebral tension. Perfect for night routines.

4.) Lion’s breath

An easy to remember breathing technique is Lion's breath.

Lion breathing is a simple breathing exercise that is like bumble bee breathing. You inhale slowly, but you exhale forcefully and growl or roar like a lion. Stick out your tongue and be silly about it! You can do it while you sit or stand with knees slightly bent. This easy to remember breathing technique eliminates toxins while stimulating the throat and chest, effectively breathing life into your cells! It’s also a great breathing pattern for stress relief. Repeat lion’s breath in your yoga practice or other mindfulness exercises for a calming focus!

5.) 4-7-8

A simple breathing technique is to remember 4-7-8

By far my all-time favorite of breathing exercises. This is a deep, relaxing breath, so be conscious of where you practice this technique. It’ll help regular the fight-or-flight response when we’re stressed. It also promotes better and deeper sleep, so make sure you’re in a comfortable position. First, gently breathe deeply and counting to 4. Then hold the breath and count to seven. Release the breath, slowly through your mouth and count to 8. That’s it! Super easy and after 4 or 5 rounds, my body feels relaxed and I’m ready for bed! It’s also great to reduce stress, fight panic attacks and muscle tension. It’s a significant form of breath control.

BONUS: 6.) Box Breathing

Box breathing is another easy breathing technique

Also known as equal breathing. This is a great tip to distract your mind and ease stress. It’s best when breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. You can do this breathing technique for as long or short as you want. If you’d like it to be short, you can use more shallow breaths. Want more of a challenge? Or a deeper state of relaxation? Take deep breaths and choose a higher number like 10. Inhale for the count of you choose. Exhale the same amount times 2. Like a box with four sides! It’s also great for those who would like to try alternate nostril breathing.

What do you gain from easy breathing techniques?

Breathing exercises are an easy way to promote physical and mental wellness. These breathing patterns are scientifically proven them to create a relaxation response and have positive effects on the parasympathetic nervous system. We’ve shared some of the most popular but simple breathing techniques with you today, but there are many more out there! Even just a few seconds of deep breathing can have significant results. Breathing properly will heal our body slowly. What is your favorite technique? Let us know in the comments below!

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