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What type of holiday person are you?

Halloween is over, what type of holiday person are you? Are you skipping straight to Christmas? Or you making a stop at Thanksgiving on the holiday season train? If you’re anything like me, you’re doing a little bit of both. As I begin to make my Thanksgiving arrangements, I’m also getting ready for Christmas shopping! While I’m close to my budget, I’m still looking for a few extra ways to make a few bucks (this year we had a new addition to the family now bringing the children count to 17 nieces and nephews + 1, my daughter, yikes!) and I came across something that peaked my interest: Thanksgiving printables.

Surprisingly, a few things had changed since I last checked for new ways to make money from home, the first is selling printables on Etsy. I dabble in graphic designing here and there, so I’ve noticed pictures and stickers on Etsy before. However, I didn’t realize it’s actually making a killing! The more I looked at templates, the more I got inspired to make my own! In fact, that’s what I did and I’m on the way to stocking my Etsy store with much more. Whether you’re looking for Etsy holiday printables of your own or for some inspiration on where to start, here are the top Thanksgiving printable you should consider!

What is a printable?

They are as simple as they sound. A printable is a design or a template that is available to be printed. Printables can be decor pictures, like butterflies or a cabin by the lake. They can also be used a decorated template, like recipe cards and wedding invitations. The sky is the limit!

Which printable should I get?

must have thanksgiving printables includes cards, recipe cards and menus

With numerous options right at our fingertips it’s incredibly easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes Etsy can be for me, what YouTube is for others: a mindless circle of click-bait. The best thing to do is stick to a topic and stick to it. Easier said than done, I know. Well, since Thanksgiving is right there, I choose to stick to something more familiar. Below are some popular Thanksgiving Etsy printables that should not should go overlooked!

1.) Recipe Cards

A great Thanksgiving Printable is recipe cards

Of course! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says Thanksgiving? Food! Recipe cards are a great way to organize all your recipes and keep them together neatly. My inner OCD is basking in all the organization. Check out our Thanksgiving Recipe Card Printable, with special designated areas for ingredients, directions and special notes! Never forget Grandma’s secret stuffing again! 😉

2.) Card/Thank You Notes

Holiday Cards make great Thanksgiving printables

The holidays are a great time to get together. Whether you’re celebrating at home together or apart, let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them with a special card! Browse through Etsy to find the perfect one for you, or take a look at our Thanksgiving Gift Card Printable!

3.) Placement Cards

thanksgiving placement cards printable

If you are having a large gathering, consider placement cards. They’re not only for fancy parties, much to my surprise too. Placement cards are helpful on many levels, such as ensuring social distancing, maintaining head count and of course, decorations! I found these super cute placement cards by mikaelamakes. Reminds me of Charlie Brown!

4.) Menus/Templates

thanksgiving menu printable

Back to food, my inner fat girl is drooling over the imaginary table. Depending on how fancy your Thanksgiving will be, menus might be the way to go. Especially if you have picky eater or anyone with allergies, it’ll be better to plan ahead. This is will also help you know how much to prepare and less food will go to waste! Check out our menu templates. Contact us with your items and will fill it out for you!

5.) Invitations

thanksgiving invitation printable

How else are people going to show up or know where to go? Thanksgiving is November 25th, so make sure you send them out ASAP! The great thing about our Thanksgiving invitation printable are not only are they ready now, but once you download them, you can fill it out and just email them out. Forget about the trees and snail mail; get an answer today! These adorable Thanksgiving invitations made by cavadesign not only match their placement cards but will put the special touch to your day.

BONUS: 6.) Thanksgiving Checklist

thanksgiving checklist printable

I love bonuses, so here’s a sixth tip for you. A Thanksgiving checklist! There’s a lot at stake and we wouldn’t want to forget anything! Instead of switching from our phone to a notepad filled with confusing lists. Check out popular Thanksgiving checklists, like this one by Bashplakat specifically formatted to keep you productive during the busiest time of the year!

As promised, five, plus one, popular Thanksgiving printables that you can find right on Etsy and what’s better than not having to wait!? What are some popular Thanksgiving printable you’ve been looking at? Stay tuned for our next post on budgeting hacks for Christmas!

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