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Brazilian Waxes, Hairy Legs: The Truth About Feminism

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What is Feminism?

In my experience, people misunderstand what feminism is. Simply put, feminism advocates for women to have equal rights compared to our counter-parts: men. In other words: feminists want an end to sexism.

Who are Feminists?

Feminists are the people who believe that women should have equal right.

Feminists are the people who believe that women should have equal rights.

Why are Feminists “hated”?

Some people think feminism is a dirty word and hates feminists.

I’ve noticed some people think feminism is a dirty word. There’s a negative stigma as people try to shy away from the topic. There seems to be many reasons for this, but the main one is misinformation. Feminists are sometimes viewed as women who wish to be treated the same as men; meaning they should be hairy and embrace their more masculine side. Sometimes they are viewed as women who hate men because of their intolerance to accept less than what they deserve, also know as misandry. Other times, they are thought to be weak and “whiny,” since they are “complaining”.

So what is a true feminist?

Feminists want equal rights for men and women

Yes, I know it was stated above, but just to clarify: Feminist are women and men, who believe that women should have equal rights.

What are examples of equal rights?

Feminism wants women to make as much money as men and not face discrimination.

Did you know that women make 20 percent less than men? A man and a woman can have the same job, perform the same tasks and be default, they’ll make less. Women are also less likely to advance in the workplace, even if their better suited for a promotion. Women also face discrimination in education and property. How often do we hear about a mechanic who attempts to scam a woman?

Am I a feminist?

Lots of people are feminists

On most first impressions, it’s easy to assume that I am a feminist. While, that’s correct, the assumption is based off of the wrong ideas. I embrace my masculinity without a doubt. I enjoy dark colors, tattoos, motorcycles, skulls, knives and I like to exercise my right to laziness by embracing my sometimes hairy legs. However, that’s not what makes me a feminist. I also enjoy taking care of myself in feminine ways; such as, Brazilian waxes, facials and the occasional mani/pedi. Does that make me a traitor to other feminists? No! I am a feminist because I believe that I should have equal rights to those I’m surrounded by and I stand up for myself when that’s not the case.

Are you a feminist?

I think the better question is do you believe women should have equal rights? Forget the preconceived notions of feminism; think pay wages and education. If so, they yes you are a feminist. Of course there are “bad” women, who twist feminism to their advantage and use it to justify particular actions or decisions. However, those are not true feminists. They don’t have women’s pure intentions at heart.

What do feminists want?

Feminists want one thing: equal rights

Overall, feminists are not a one-size-comes-all. Not every woman is a feminist and not every feminist is a woman. Our goals are not to top men or “beat them at their own game”. The goal is simply to have equal opportunities.

Thank you for reading my simple take on feminism. Do you have anything you’d like to add? Feel free to leave a comment or question below! Stay tuned for our next post on Thanksgiving printable.

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