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5 Easy Ways Create a Healthy Morning Routine

How do you spend your mornings? Are you running from the coffeemaker to your kids’ room to make sure they’re getting ready? Do you yell through the bathroom door asking when you can get in? Are your mornings just plain hectic? In a previous article, we wrote about forming a healthy daily routine, but today we’re going to focus on how to create a healthy morning routine.

Morning routines help with time management and maintaining healthy daily habits. The way we start our daily schedule sets the tone for the rest of the day. If we start off the day on the right foot, then it’ll be easy to continue that energy throughout the rest of our schedule. This is especially true for parents.

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What is the primary goal of a morning routine?

Mornings can be the most hectic part of the day for anyone, but especially if we have school-aged children demanding our attention. It’s easy to get caught up in the problems that arise in the moment and forget about the necessities. Forming regular and consistent routines tailored to us and our family needs will help keep us on track. This will put us in a confident mood and prepare us for the hectic day that lies ahead of us.

A morning routine is going to look a little different for everyone, especially when we consider our family’s routine, but the main goal is to set a productive and healthy feel for the day. This post is going to provide step-by-step instructions on how to form a healthy morning routine while including positive parenting tips for those with young children. However, there’s some bad news: you’re probably going to have to wake up earlier than you would like to think.

How do you create a healthy morning routine?

Chances are we already have a morning routine. We can consider a schedule that comprises using the bathroom and brushing our teeth before our morning coffee as a daily routine. However, when forming a morning routine, we must consider everything that would need to be done to ensure not only a successful morning but day as well by forming better behavior patterns. We need to make sure that we are giving ourselves what we need and in a healthy way. Below we’ve listed the steps to how we create our morning routine.

1.) Wake Up Best for You

Create a healthy morning routine by waking up the way that is best for you

Some people are morning people. They wake up and the second their feet hit the floor, they’re ready to hop to work. That’s not me. It probably isn’t you, if you’re reading this. Be gentle with yourself and wake up how it works best for you. Sometimes, I like to sit in bed for fifteen to twenty minutes while I adjust to the sad reality of being awake. This bothered me and I was hard on myself because that’s “time wasted.” I felt as a parent, I should be using the time differently. The truth is, no one said that other than me.

When you’re trying to build a more healthy routine, forget everything society expects of you and listen to what you need. If you’re ready to go the moment your eyes open, great if not, that’s okay too! Take your time, your mind and body will thank you!

2.) Do Something for You with Limited Interruptions

Create a healthy routine by doing something for yourself like journaling

How hard is it to do something for just you? What time do you have for yourself? This is one reason I believe parents should wake up at least an hour earlier than their children. A lot of time we use the routine of younger children, like their bedtime, to squeeze something in. Usually, that’s just a quick shower and show before bed.

What are you doing for your health and your creativity? What about the accomplishing all those goals on your list? I’m a firm believer in parents being able to accomplish their dreams and “disconnecting” per se, to their family members. We need to recharge to be the best parents (or person!) that we can. We can take a vacation from work, unfortunately we can’t take a vacation from our lives, but we can sneak in “mini-vacays” throughout our daily routines.

By waking up earlier, you will have more quiet time. You can use this time do something for you and your health. For example, while the coffee is brewing, I write in my guided journals. One is with short prompts to wake me up and the second one is a more in-depth shadow book. When I’m finished, so is the coffee and I’m off to start a 30 minute yoga session. Since my new morning routine, I feel more energized. I’ve noticed a change in my body, but my productivity as well. It’s easier to focus throughout the day.

3.) Begin Rest of Morning Priorities

Create a healthy routine by starting your necessities like waking and feeding the kids

For most people, this is where your regular morning routine would start. Only you would have more to do at this point. Once I’m done lying in shavasana, it’s almost time for me to wake up my daughter and make breakfast. What’s great is that I can take my time with it! Since I have already made coffee, used the bathroom and I’m wide awake, I get to focus on Angelina-Skye’s daily routine!

Although we are complete opposites and she’s a morning person, I wake up Angelina-Skye much like how I wake up. She doesn’t like to be rushed, so I wake her up in stages and let her relax while I set up breakfast. This is also a good time to finish a few last-minute things to prepare for the rest of the daily routine. Such as making a to-do list or if you work from home, clearing your desk or office so it’ll be ready when you’re ready.

4.) Spend Quality Time with Family

A healthy morning routine comprises spending quality time with family

The kids are awake, and we eat breakfast. Now it’s time to finish up those little odds and ends. Help children make sure backpacks and lunch boxes are ready to go. Also, ensure you’re prepared for your daily tasks, including your workday, and are ready to leave. I do my best to have everything finished by now, but it’s good to have a buffer. Some mornings are a little more slow-going and this time can come in handy.

If everything is completed by now, take this opportunity to spend time with your family before your work day starts! As my daughter eats breakfast, we usually play a game. Something simple and quick, like Uno, Go Fish or Candyland, but it’s a nice way for us to bond before we part ways. Sometimes we talk about what we expect our days to be or we just goof around.

5.) Say Goodbye!

After a successful healthy morning routine, it's time to say goodbye

This is the easiest part. Hopefully now we part ways on a more positive and confident note. By this time, we should all be wide awake and in good moods. Prepared for the day but sad to say our goodbyes. Now that it’s getting chilly, we bundle up, grab our bags and walk to the bus stop. Once she’s on the bus, I make my way back home to start my workday!

6.) Bonus tip

A bedtime routine can help prepare a healthy morning routine

Create a bedtime routine to prepare for the morning. How weird does that sound? To create an evening routine for your morning routine? But this by far makes my mornings go the most smooth. By including an evening routine in our daily schedules, you will not only ensure that your evenings go smoothly and you’ll feel more rested, but you can prepare for your morning too!

For example, pick out your children and your clothes the night before. Prepare lunch boxes or breakfasts, so it’s easier to get ready in the morning. Set up your coffee maker before bed and prepare your to-do list. Don’t worry, there’ll be more on an evening routine to come!

So why should parents wake up earlier than their kids?

In order to have a more healthy morning routine, most people have to wake up earlier. However, for parents, I believe it’s important to have some free time in our daily routines. Most parents find, by waking up earlier, we have uninterrupted time to work on our needs and start the morning without distractions. This means that we will get things done quicker and more efficiently.

Then, when it’s time to help with the daily family routine, you can give them your undivided attention and do things with them you usually wouldn’t do. Except for losing a little sleep (assuming you don’t change your bedtime to a little earlier), it’s a win-win. You can focus on your healthy habits while also your family.

Overall, it’s important to have a morning routine because it can have a profound impact on your day. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated, but it has to work for you and your family. It’s important to ensure that it starts the day on a positive note, filled with healthy habits so you feel energized and ready for the challenges that await. We would love to hear from you! How do you start your mornings?

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