Creator and Author of Inspirational Skyes: Jaye Hernandez
The motivational, lifestyle blog, Inspirational Skyes, is dedicated to my daughter, Angelina-Skye. She motivates me to be better, a better mom, a better writer and a better person. All my thanks go to her.

Welcome to Inspirational Skyes, a motivational, lifestyle blog that is my passion project. I notice that I’m struggling a little lately. I’m struggling to find myself and how I fit into this world. Trying to figure out how to pursue my career and goals, as well as being a full-time single mom for a young girl during Covid-19. It has been difficult to find that perfect balance between life, work, friendships, relationships and of course, myself.

I decided to work on myself and become the best me I can be. I’m learning different motivational techniques and inspiring myself to follow my dreams. Follow me as I try to learn what works for me and what doesn’t. Indulge in my journey: the good and the bad; my mistakes and gains; my techniques and drawbacks. I’ve learned that you can’t wait for the “right time”, you have to make the time. The raw messiness of my life shared in words for all to see, is my way of making time. I’m making the time to follow through with everything I left on the back burner.

Explore the rollercoaster I call my life and how I’m trying to clean it up little by little and share your journey too! This is an open space to be as honest and raw as possible. No holds barred! The good and the bad, as well as all the ways you’ve grown and are growing! Perhaps Inspirational Skyes will ignite your own passions as well and help motivate you to take that step you’re scared to take!

The creator of Inspirational Skyes, Jaye, is fulltime single mother and freelancer. She graduated from Baruch College, in Manhattan, NYC, with a degree in Journalism and Psychology. Writing has always been a passion of hers and after a hiatus, she’s decided to reignite her passion and share it for the world to see. Subscribe to Inspirational Skyes to follow her journey as she navigates through her life, indulge in her failures as well as her successes. Tips and techniques will be offered in hopes they’ll help others too!