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In Search of Love via the Internet

(Excerpt from ghostwritten article on online dating)

Ed Margarita is a 58 year old man, who has a bit of trouble when it comes to the love department.  He constantly hits a dead end.  When he was in his late 20s, he married the “love of my life.”  Or so he thought.  Two years later, when he was 30, they divorced.  Although he was devastated that he had to enter the playing field again; when he was 32, he thought he recovered.  He married a young woman freshly out of college.  Unfortunately, that didn’t even last six months. 

Margarita took a break, not wanting to rush anything with anyone again.  However, almost two decades later, Margarita is preparing for his third wedding, to a woman whom he has never seen in person.  Margarita met his soon-to-be wife, from the Philippines, via a website, “There are lots of websites directly for the purposes of finding a woman overseas to marry.”  Margarita proposed to his fiancé after two months of Skype chats, she immediately replied yes.  The number one question everybody seems to ask him is “why?”  Why choose a woman overseas?  What’s the purpose?  The next question is, “are you in love?”   

While Margarita argues that he is indeed in love, his replies to seem to suggest otherwise.  “I’m her ticket into America, she can’t leave me; she’ll be deported.”  His groomsmen sit, baffled, trying to make sense of what they consider to be an absurd situation.  “To be honest, I don’t trust this woman.  To begin, she hasn’t made an effort to learn English, meanwhile he’s made an effort to learn her language.  They’ve only been ‘dating’ for five months.  I just don’t understand,” says groomsman Brian Adams. 

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